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Dual Fury

Sound Design | Foley | QA | Unreal Engine 4 Implementation

Dual Fury is a twin-sticks arcade shooter developed by Wicked Pixel Studios for iOS in Unreal Engine 4.

I was responsible for all of the sound effects as well as the overall mix and music mastering. I worked along side the lead engineer to implement and edit the sound assets in Unreal. I assisted with quality assurance testing and recorded foley alongside creating sound effects.

Hot Wheels Smash & Crash

Sound Design | Haxe (JavaScript) Implementation

Hot Wheels Smash & Crash is a web game created in Haxe (a Javascript-based engine for web games) by Floor 84 Studio. As the only sound designer, I worked closely with the programmers and artists. I scripted a system in Haxe that would layer sound effects together based on how different objects collide and the speed in which they are colliding. I mixed the obstacle collision audio from various sound libraries in Logic Pro X and Reaper.

Batman Shadow Combat

Sound Design | Haxe (JavaScript) Implementation

Batman: Shadow Combat is a side-scroller stealth-action game. I was the only sound designer. I worked closely with the artists and programmers, as well as stakeholders from Warner Bros. to ensure my work represented the Batman property accurately. I created the cue sheets, produced sound effects by mixing from multiple libraries, and implemented them by coding in Haxe. 

Trailers and Gameplay Videos

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Ideal Subject

Post Production Audio | Sound Design

Ideal Subject is an upcoming game produced in Unreal Engine 4. I collaborated with the director, artists, level designers, and composer to make sure my sound design was enhancing the gameplay and fit the overall atmosphere. You can view the IndieGoGo trailer here, which I was responsible for the entirety of the sound design for.

Four Colors

Sole developer | Game design | Sound design | Coding

Four Colors is a Unity game that I single-handedly developed over the span of two to three months. This includes coding in C#, 3D modeling the shapes, and using FMOD audio middleware to enhance the overall sound design. 

If you would like to play the game, you can use the download link in the video's description.


Game design | 3D modeling | Sound design | Coding

St-Hell-th is a stealth-based first person shooter created in Unreal Engine 4. I used FMOD middleware audio software for the sound design and implemented them in C++.  Working in a team of three, I was involved with the level design, 3D modeling, and sound design. I recorded foley using various household objects and mixed them in Logic Pro X before implementing in Unreal. 

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Independent Films

Moved to Tiers

Foley | Post production audio

Moved to Tiers is a live action short film starring two wedding toppers who go on a journey to rekindle their love. Due to a mishap that rendered the on-set audio recordings useless, I was tasked with handling and implementing all of the audio post-productions from foley to mixing within a tight one-week timeframe. Moved To Tiers was edited and mixed in Avid Pro Tools.

Field of Reeds

Foley | Post production audio | Music composition

Field of Reeds is an animated thesis film. Working with a team of four, I spotted the film for sound and music cues and created an organized list using Microsoft Excel. I recorded foley in-studio and edited/mixed the project using Pro Tools.. which included making a 5.1 surround mix for presentation.

I was also responsible for producing the music in Logic Pro X.

Password: REEDS (all caps)

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