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My name is Jordan Kolb! I discovered video game sound design after graduating from college and my passion for it burns hotter than my poor laptop when it's compiling shaders in Unreal. 

I have worked many jobs in a collaborative role for both creative and non-creative fields. I studied linear sound design in college and contributed to the auditory atmosphere for many independent films. Having worked in user experience design, I learned the importance of understanding your audience and providing them a satisfying experience. 

I am approachable, friendly, and make sure to provide a seamlessly smooth work experience that provides results we are all satisfied with.


I have many hobbies that keep me occupied!

When I'm not doing sound design, you can find me helping out on projects doing user experience design, or making music in Logic Pro for fun. I also like to paint miniatures! (I can and will talk about board games for hours)

Feel free to check out my other work!

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