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Here's what else I do!

Music Production
Before getting into sound design, I spent many years fiddling around in Garageband and Logic making music. I still occasionally help out friends and clients who need jingles for their YouTube channels or small indie projects. I'm a sound designer first and foremost, though, and a music guy second. :P
Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 10.07.53
Miniature Painting
I got into board gaming recently and wanted to give my collection some unique personal touches. Painting miniatures improved my ability to keep a steady hand and focus on the minute details that make up an object. I also use this as an opportunity to improve my understanding of color theory.
Group 3 1.png
UX Design
In my spare time and for extra income, I work as a freelance user experience designer. This involves lots of hands-on research into how users behave and think, compiling that information into actionable goals, working with a design team, and rigorously testing our work. Honestly doesn't feel that dissimilar from game dev most of the time.
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