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I'm Jordan, an East Coast UX Designer!

I want to help others out and make their lives easier. 

Having worked as an educator and game developer,

I understand how to bring users enjoyment and satisfaction!

I love researching how people think and feel when using a product to synthesize ways of improving those interactions.

UX/UI Mobile App Design
Jitter Line.png
Jitter combines modern design trends with an anonymous social media framework to create a non-toxic and fun environment.
Jitter phone for webpage.png
UX/UI Web Redesign
SeeCurrents is a desktop travel blog that focuses on exploring local island culture.
Portfolio Lines SeeCurrents.png
Portfolio Lines BlackGirlsCode.png
Black Girls Code
UX/UI Web & Mobile App Redesign
BlackGirlsCode is a desktop and mobile website that provides classes to young minorities looking to get into STEM & coding.
UX/UI Mobile App Design
ToRide is a mobile app for beginner and casual riders looking for some extra motivation.
Portfolio Lines ToRide.png
Language Learning line.png
Last Minute Language
UX/UI Mobile App Design
This language learning app for travelers is in development. Read the Medium article documenting my research process!
Language App Portfolio Cover 4 alt.png
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